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A Joyful Experience

Feb 8, 2017

As planned, at the end of nine months, Village Savings and Loans (VSL) groups got together for a joyous celebration to see what their hard work of saving, taking loans, and repaying has done. Each member will receive back their original shares (amount saved) with interest that has accrued from the loans taken and repaid during the 9month cycle. At the three groups Tinkhani Phiri (our VSLOfficer at Namikango) and I visited with on their share-out day, the average interest gained was about 75%. This is incredible to think about, and it was even more impressive to be a part of in person.

The joy and dancing that one gets to see when each individual's name is called, when they hear how much they saved originally, and earned during the nine months, is a joyful experience to be a part of!

Some of these groups do not only benefit the members within the group. Some have each member contribute to a social fund which is used to help members who become sick or have deaths in their families. And more encouraging, some of the groups use a portion of their money to help the widows, orphans, and needy in their community.

It was a blessing to witness these things on the day we visited.

Bible studies take place in these groups throughout the nine months. This presents an opportunity for community members who are not Christians to hear the Gospel.Sharing the Gospel, along with the community service and personal gain that is acquired makes these groups a wonderful ministry for Namikango to be a part of.