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Feb 8, 2017

We recently reported how beneficial the training was for our Agriculture/CHE team.

The timing of this training couldn’t be better in terms of getting our staff and nearby villages prepared to handle the current hunger situation in Malawi.

All of these trainings are aimed at allowing people to use theGod-given resources around them, and by being good stewards of what God has given, make a tangible change in providing for their physical needs.

We were recently approached by four different villages to come and conduct similar trainings in their areas. Some of these areas were places we had provided hunger relief earlier in the year. Part of our plan has been to return to these same areas and provide training that will make a long-term difference, so this has been one answer to prayer, among several.

Thus our team answered the plea to return, and in 1½ week strained over 100 people in four locations. These include village chiefs, youth, Muslims, and people from different church backgrounds. They have not only received skills-training but they have heard the loving Gospel as well.

Our guys see this as a great tool for sharing the simple truth about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord –especially in one of the heavily Muslim populated areas we were in. One response from the people we trained was that, by meeting a physical need, people have seen God’s love shown to them, and thus they are more open to hearing the Gospel.

The 100 that have been trained have since broken into groups, and will now move on to different areas: This is ScripturalMultiplication! We will be making follow-up visits soon, and we look forward to hearing about the impact this will have on these communities.

by Ben Hayes