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A Massive Impact

Mar 10, 2017

One of the major challenges with teaching Bible in Chichewa here in Malawi is the lack of resources available in the native language. The early missionaries here at Namikango made strides in this area by creating text books in Chichewa for the Bible courses being taught here. To this day, these text books are being used, not only by Namikango, but by other church affiliations and Bible Schools from different backgrounds throughout Malawi. We certainly applaud this.

In preparation for our 2017 school year, we are currently reprinting copies of the books for the seven subjects we will teach this year. In total, we’re looking to print 4,900 copies at a cost of $1,720. These books are given to students studying at Namikango and throughout our 25+ Village BibleSchools in Malawi. Some extra copies of the books are sold from our bookstore at Namikango. We sell only at a price high enough to help us break even on printing costs.

This is the first phase of printing for this year, and it will allow our Bible School classes to be prepared as we start in April. We will be looking at four other books to be printed in May or June.

We also have another exciting venture we’re planning to start back up this year called “Liu La Namikango” (Voice of Namikango); a short 4-6 pages News Bulletin with short teachings on Scripture that provide another chance for people to hear the Gospel. This will have a broad distribution to churches. More on this later…

Having these materials available for people here meets a great need and is an area of ministry we hope to expand. If you have a heart for the printed word and if you have a desire to help us in this work, please contribute financially towards this work. Please know that doing so will have a massive impact on our work here.

Ben Hayes