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Plans for the Year

Mar 10, 2017

This year has started off looking eventful and exciting!

We added a new position to the team - we call it Sustainable Projects Coordinator. We are looking to add a couple more positions later this year as well. This Malawian staff member will be responsible for helping to guide, select, and improve on areas of our work that will bring some sustainable financial support to the Mission and will serve as an example to our neighbors in the surrounding areas. We are teaching these principles to the Malawians and feel we should be making the same progress for Namikango without requiring all our support from outside.

With good rains so far, and coffee and macadamia trees planted, together with our other annual crops, we are already making progress.

This year we will focus our ministry more toward Agriculture Outreach, through which we pray that God will continue to transform the livelihood of the people in Malawi, as well as changing their lives spiritually. Though we anticipate good harvests this year, the last few years of drought have taught us that we need to prepare now, should such a situation happen again. The training we are providing will prepare people for such a future, as best we can prepare

New interns will be coming this summer, plus some visitors from the U.S. are scheduled to come. This, along with the day-to-day team building and other ministries, will keep us occupied and we're praying God will lead us through another year and that He will open new doors for us.

Please be praying with us this year.

Blessings, Ben