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May 3, 2013

Dear Bro Vaughn,
The work pressure here is huge, but, “we aint done yet” and we will keep on peddling!

We miss Rodrick and Symon! These lieutenants are still in pain, but mending. Rodrick has had to return to the hospital for additional surgery on his injured knee. They should be back with us in about 3 more weeks. These men are vital to our work and we are so thankful God has protected them and spared their lives from such a major accident. We are also thankful for the prayers of many saints out there for these two men and their families. They continue to make very steady progress on the road to recovery.

Here are some notes about other things going on here:

1. The 2013 Bible School session:
is underway here at the Mission and at 17 satellite centres in the villages. There are five other centres that will be having classes commencing in June. This delay is because of the changing weather patterns in these areas which is having an impact on the growing and harvest seasons. We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments where necessary. Interest in these studies is growing. Please be in prayer for our teachers and for all the students: that God’s will will be made known to all.

2. The Blantyre Zomba Highway:
We love lots of rain. Our drought has been followed by rains so heavy they have delayed the construction work on the main road in our country. Getting to Blantyre now takes a lot longer because of the road diversions. We are hoping for completion in early 2014.

3. Ntaja Bible School construction:
Bro Ben and I recently visited the Ntaja Bible School project work. The brethren there have been great to work with. For a long time they have wanted to have a major study centre, but they didn’t have the funds to build one. Some special contributions were given for this centre to be built and they have accounted for every dollar of the project. The dormitories are up now and the builders will soon be finishing the floors and plastering the walls. $6,000 was contributed for this project with $5,000 used so far and $1,000 remaining to use. Current projections to finish the project are at about $4,000, so it looks like they will be $3,000 short of finishing their Dream Centre. The committee managing this project are very grateful to the contributors and to Bro B Shelburne who helped raise the funds.

To finish this good work properly we still need to solicit an additional $3,000. I have watched this work and the spending of funds and I can verify that these men have done a lot with a little. Much of the labour they have done themselves with most of the cost going to materials. If others are able to help, it will be used wisely and will be very much appreciated. It is so good to be able to help people who are willing to work, people who don’t expect a hand-out. These men at Ntaja have proven themselves worthy, not of a gift, but worthy of our partnership.
Bisani Mphongolo


Vehicle Replacement Fund

Total Funds Needed ..............................$88,000
Contributions Received ..........................$50,075
................................................................... –$37,925
Expected Insurance Settlement ...... – $9,000
Balance Remaining .............................. $28,925