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Apr 6, 2017

Ben and I are often called Roland Hayes’s grandsons even though he’s our Uncle Roland. But last month we had the privilege of hosting one of his actual grandsons- Ricky Lewis, along with his wife Allison. It was a delight to get to show Ricky and Allison around the Mission property, taking note of the good work Uncle Roland had done 55 years ago in finding and purchasing this excellent piece of property. An additional blessing was Ricky’s getting to talk with several individuals here who personally knew Roland. One was our fellow co-worker, Symon Katete, whose father was one of the original students at Namikango. In short, this opportunity allowed us to see how good God is to allow all of us the honor of participating in Kingdom work which continues to bless others long after we have finished the small part we have been given.

Ryan Hayes

Best souvenir gift ever!

Look what Ricky and Allison Lewis brought me from Africa! This is the land survey of the 90 acres of land that God helped my Daddy find 55 years ago for the still thriving Namikango Mission in Malawi, Africa. Thank you!

We serve an awesome God!

Sharon (Roland’s daughter)

Pictured: Ricky and his mother Sharon