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Students get results

Apr 6, 2017

The year 2016 had many success stories including the planting of the Mussa church. This is one of the most exciting stories that came from last year! It began with a group of Bible students from the Namikango Bible School. They came from the Village Bible Schools to Namikango to finish their studies. Their last lesson was about taking the Good News out to the people in the form of Door-to-Door Evangelism. So, putting the lesson into practice, the group went to Mussa village, five miles to the west of the Mission, to share the Gospel.

The first visit was on a Thursday and the result was immediately rewarding in that two people accepted Christ and were baptized the same day. On the second visit the following week, another was baptized. As there was no congregation in the area, these new "Jesus followers" formed a congregation and began meeting in the house of one of the recently converted women.

The congregation is now growing gradually, with around 13 people attending worship on Sunday. The group began looking for a piece of land for a meeting place because the house was becoming too small. A place was found and even approved for use as a church by the local Chief.

The members built a small grass shelter and plan to work towards a more stable building later.

Our hope is that this congregation will be an encouragement to other students and that the members will grow to know Jesus more and live a life worthy of His calling. We (Namikango staff, together with leaders from nearby congregations) are continuing to visit and help nurture theseBrothers and Sisters. We earnestly seek your prayers for this newly formed body in Christ.

Symon John Katete