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Learning from Others

Apr 6, 2017

We recently participated in a Camp Meeting in an area about two hours from the Mission. There were 400+ people gathered from many different congregations for a weekend of worship and learning God’s Word. Two Namikango staff members were there to do the teaching beginning Saturday. I showed up to be with them for the Sunday worship service. At the end of the service, the visitors were asked to stand and be recognized. One church after another stood up, making it evident that people had sacrificed time and energy to make the trip to this meeting.

The last man to stand up was introduced as the Baptist preacher from a church nearby. I understood part of what he said, but later asked for clarification. He had explained how it was well known that Namikango and the local churches of Christ were going to have a Gospel meeting. Their Baptist church decided to not hold services at their building that Sunday and rather, for those who wanted, to join the large service we were holding. He said, “Why should we have separate worship services when our Brothers and Sisters have arranged this large meeting?”

We discussed this later as a staff at the Mission and were impressed by the spirit of humility this Brother had shown, and the leadership shown for him to encourage his congregation to meet with us. We were asking ourselves, “What if the Baptist church had been the ones holding the large meeting? Would we have encouraged our congregation to do what this man encouraged his to do?” Maybe not. All the same, everyone at the camp meeting learned something that day. We learned humility and the willingness to give encouragement to others without prejudice and overlooking preconceived barriers. This spoke very loudly to us. May God help us to grow humble in Christ and to encourage believers wherever they are.

Ben Hayes