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International Gospel Lectureship

May 15, 2017

Each year there is a conference that takes place in Southern Africa, put on by Churches of Christ in whatever country is hosting it that year. This year it was in Durban, South Africa, and we sent a team from Namikango to attend. These lectureships are a benefit to our staff in that they get to be fed spiritually and network with other church members from other parts of Africa. Furthermore, it’s an opportunity to see what ministry can look like in other areas, as well as getting to visit another country.

Ben Hayes

The following is an account of the trip from one of our group:

“We would like to thank the Directors of Namikango Mission for considering us and for making arrangements for us to go to Durban to attend the International Gospel Lectureship (IGL). The Lectureship and everything involved went very well. The theme of the Lectureship was “The church and its mission to make known God’s manifold wisdom”.

We had very good lessons by talented, vibrant speakers. We gathered with fellow Church of Christ members from Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, and the Durban hosts. It was very encouraging. At the Lectureship, they announced that the 2018 IGL will be hosted by Malawi.

For all things, we praise God, especially for blessings through this trip."

- Written by Zione Maharu, one of our Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Officers at Namikango