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Journey Group (Mentoring)

May 15, 2017

We’ve had our sixth Journey Group meeting this month. We’re continually blessed by what God is doing. At the beginning of each meeting we share testimonies about how God has been working in our lives since we last met - both struggles and joys. Our Journey Group brothers serve in local churches we work with, sometimes hearing testimonies from others regarding how these men in our group are doing.

We recently received a request from one of the church members in our VSL (Village Savings and Loans) program, asking to join the next Journey Group that we start. He went on to explain how he serves in the same congregation with one of our Journey men (we’ll call him John), and expressed how he had noticed a change in John’s behavior over the last year.

Their church and another church nearby were not always on the best of terms and there wasn’t a lot of dialogue between the two. He noted how, in recent months, John had been speaking and acting as if this other church’s members were his “neighbors” and the need to love them as brothers, the way Christ does; he was encouraging others in the congregation to adapt and follow the same pattern.

The man who noted John’s change said, “I can see there is a change in him, and it must be connected to what you all are doing in this Journey Group. I want to be a part of the next one.”

Praise God!!

Ben Hayes