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Doyle & Louise Gilliam

Jun 15, 2017

Doyle and Louise Gilliam were long-time missionaries in Malawi for the mainline Churches of Christ. They started work in Northern Malawi about 4 years before we arrived there in 1961. When we committed to start work in Malawi, I wrote Doyle a letter telling him that although our brotherhood had different convictions about Sunday School, we were not coming to Malawi because of that issue but to preach the Gospel. He appreciated the letter and although he had been thinking about transferring his work to Southern Malawi, decided to go to Central Malawi and make way for us in the South.

Thus began a loving and positive relationship in Malawi for many years and still exists. The Gilliams live in Lubbock, Texas, where Ruth and I do and we have had a number of visits with them. Doyle is in his mid-80s and has been failing in health. He has grown very weak and suffered some pain in the past few days and is in the hospital for tests with no diagnosis yet. I prayed with him and Louise today. They are some of the godliest people I know and have impacted countless lives for Christ. Please hold them up in prayer.

B. Shelburne