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Bible School Preparation

Jun 15, 2017

We have just begun the groundwork for teaching the Bible School in English here at the Mission campus.

The process of preparing this program properly is vital as it will dictate what kind of church leaders we will be developing.

Therefore, we started at the very beginning, asking, "What kind of leaders do the churches in Malawi need?"

This is a complex question; it covers everything from Biblical knowledge to the ability for leaders to address community issues in a kind, loving, effective way while providing a safe place for the vulnerable. We have also been reflecting on the churches that are already established in Malawi, listing the areas where they excel and the areas that need improvement.

When we can establish what the churches in Malawi need in their leaders, we can begin crafting a Bible School program that prepares the students to become the leaders the churches need.

This step of careful reflection is a vital part of preparing a program.We will be following this same self-examination and reflection toward the Village Bible Schools which are already in progress.

We invite you to pray with us as we seek to create a good school environment that can shape godly leaders for the churches here.

Eric Gephart