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Good Stewards

Jun 15, 2017

This year, Malawians across the country are giving thanks for a bountiful harvest. For the past three years we have reached harvest time, only to be disappointed because of drought or flood. This year has been different, it has been an exciting year. At the Mission, we are experiencing the same maize (corn) harvesting as the rest of Malawi. Not only have we had good rains and yield, but we also cultivated almost twice as much land on the Mission grounds this year as we have in previous years. This is because of the land that we cleared last year for the planting of coffee and macadamia. While these plants are small, the plant spacing is such that there is room to plant other crops in between them. This will give us an immediate harvest, instead of waiting the three to seven years for the coffee and macadamia to mature.

Planting and harvesting crops, primarily maize, that can be used towards feeding students and visitors at the Mission has happened here on campus for many years. But, only recently have we considered adding new crops, and planting one crop within another.

We want to make the most of the land that we have here, and farming these crops allows us to do this. We are able to demonstrate and teach effective conservation agriculture techniques to our neighbors and those we work with. This provides additional income that allows us to assist those in need. Sometimes this means sharing some of our maize with people who are suffering. But also, the farming we do here opens up work for many in the community. When we hire day laborers to help in our fields, we provide an income for someone who really needs it. And due to the expansion of the crops we are growing, we have opened up many more jobs, providing work for the community around us.

Thus, as Namikango continues to seek other ways of effectively utilizing our land, several goals are reached: providing income that contributes towards Mission operations, benefiting the community through jobs created and products produced, as well as embodying the lifestyle that we are teaching others here. Good stewards are using what God has given us in order to live a godly, healthy life.

Ben Hayes