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Lowell Ezzell

Jul 20, 2017

Lowell Ezzell was a man's man. Not loud and boisterous, but solid and dependable. Lowell was my friend. I felt as close to Lowell as to any friend I ever had. I served by his side in the Lord's work for many years at Main Street Church and I am telling you those were good years, pleasant years. There was never a cross word or even a difference between us, not ever.

Lowell served as a Deacon and the meaning of the word Deacon is “Servant." That was Lowell, a servant, always willing to serve, always willing to help with anything anyone needed.

It should be no surprise that Lowell was the first person I asked to help with the Namikango Mission work when we took the management of this work in 1974. He served as Treasurer for the Mission for nearly 40 years. He didn't do his work in high-tech, computerized fashion, but did it "hands-on" the same way he did everything. By that, I mean he sent a handwritten finance report on a legal-size sheet every month, written in long-hand and always on time and every penny accounted for.

Lowell didn't do a lot of talking. I don't remember him ever speaking in public, but when he was around, you knew he was there. He brightened up the room. He always greeted you with a smile . . . as big as Texas, always a smile. . . And, everyone else smiled when he was around.He was contagious.

I miss Lowell. I miss my friend!

Sidney Vaughn

Lowell Ezzell

July 19, 1933
June 28, 2017