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Mozambique Refresher Course

Jul 20, 2017

At the end of May, Namikango hosted the MozambiqueRefresher Course. Sunday evening approximately fifty teachers and church leaders from Mozambique arrived on campus at the Mission. Monday through Wednesday we went through the same Teacher Refresher Course we did in March for the Malawian leaders. It was extremely busy for those three days, as we crammed five days’ worth of lessons into three, but it was a wonderful experience.

Additionally, it was the first time for many of these Mozambican teachers to visit Namikango’s campus.The Namikango staff were able to teach in Chichewa, which greatly reduced the translation time it would have taken to go from English to Chichewa to Portuguese.

As with the other refresher course, we were able to go on a hike with the teachers at the top of Zomba Mountain, which was also a lot of fun. Overall, we were grateful that we could finally connect with these brothers, and share with them the refresher training as they begin to teach the Bible schools in Mozambique.

Eric Gephart