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Meet Hellen Matembais

Aug 18, 2017

Hellen is the first fulltime accountant Namikango has had and she has been apart of the staff for almost two years. She handles all of the money, accounting for budgeted items, and paying bills. This requires a considerable amount of work; when a missionary does this himself, a large amount of his time is consumed. To have Hellen take on this work with her professional skills is a blessing to our ministry.

Hellen is married. She and her husband Leonard have an 8-month-old son named Oscar. Hellen says her time spent working at Namikango has taught her to be more patient in all areas of her life. She grew up in a big city of Blantyrewhich is about 45 minutes away from Namikango. So, when she came to work at Namikango she had to adjust to a more rural lifestyle around the Mission. Mission life tends to be much slower than the fast pace of the city she was accustomed to. This adjustment has taught her patience in other areas of her life,including her spiritual life and relationship with God. Namikango is thankful to have Hellen as part of the staff!

Jesse Furst