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Aug 18, 2017

A part of our work at Namikango is to reach out to families in the communities around us to help with their physical and spiritual needs. In the months of June and July we began these home visits using the Interns from America. This is of benefit to the local families and to the interns as well.

We taught practical lessons on maintaining "Good Health" and how to"Prevent Infections." We also discussed ways to enable people to "Escape theCycle of Poverty" that harms so many people. We taught them to take care of themselves rather than depend on others.

After this, it was easy to discuss the need for a "Strong, Spiritual Life," and to"Study Scriptures," listening to what God is telling us . . . then to "Trust andObey" what He says.

These home visits are a key part of the Community Health Evangelism (CHE)program. The importance of this program is seen as we routinely visit households in our communities, to strengthen their physical well-being as well as to encourage them to care for others. In doing this they become witnesses to the love of Jesus.

Zione Maharu (one of the two trainers working with Ryan on the Namikango CHE program).