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God at Work through Namikango

Aug 18, 2017

On our fourth visit to Malawi since Ben & Becca moved there in 2012 (and Ryan& Justine in 2014), Susan and I are very encouraged as we see what God is doing through the Mission at Namikango:

The five summer interns from the States received a good introduction to cross cultural missions, and at the same time were a blessing to the team.

Eric Gephart, who joined the team in January of this year, has adapted well because of his previous work in Kenya, and has fully integrated with Ben and Ryan in the work at Namikango. He is heading up Bible studies in English.

After spending several days at Namikango, I was able to get a grasp on the different ministries they are carrying out. While at Namikango, I attended a couple of the staff’s morning DBS’s (discovery Bible studies). In-depth study of God’s word continues to transform the hearts of those studying.

Speaking of transformation, the two Journey discipleship groups that Ben and Ryan are leading are a strong change-agent in the outreach of the Mission.

The team continues to progress in establishing income-generating projects forthe villagers through VSL (Village Savings & Loan), and at the Mission they are working towards sustainability through growing crops. This also sets a good example and educational tool for villagers.

It was a joy to see Ben & Becca, Ryan & Justine, and now Eric, continue to build on the foundation of Christ laid by the previous missionaries and national leaders. God’s kingdom continues to spread in Malawi and Mozambique, and Jesus Christ is being exalted.

Kirk Hayes