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Ntonda Primary School

Aug 18, 2017

Ntonda Primary School began in the home of Brother Garnett Limani in the late 1950's in a village about 45 minutes from Namikango’s main campus in Thondwe. There was a need for schooling for the young children in this community so the Mission took on the responsibility of maintaining the school and it has grown steadily over the years. As of July 2017, the school has 1,733 students and 23 teachers on staff, including Brother Timothy Jailos who teaches the Bible in the school. He also teaches older students in a Bible Club after school.

Namikango Mission partners financially with Christian Relief Fund and the Malawi Government for schools and we provide upkeep of the property plus Bro. Thomas Jailos' salary.

The interns had the opportunity to visit the Ntonda School during our time at Namikango. It was a blessing to meet the staff and students there.We were especially blessed to sit in on the Bible Club and see the students sing, dance, and learn about the Word of God! They welcomed us with open arms. We loved being able to see the way the school is impacting the community and so many children in a very positive way.

Jesse Furst