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Jun 4, 2013

- The month began with the arrival of the Bible School students; new and old. Everyone was excited to be back on campus, and eager to begin studies.

- We are planning a new development; to invite the wives and children of the students to come to the Mission to be with their husbands for a few weeks. This will allow the families of the students to take part in what their husbands are learning. We think this will benefit the students greatly.

- Malawi was at one time largely forest, but a good portion of these trees have been cut down in the last few years, often so people can sell the firewood or charcoal. Even though cutting trees and selling charcoal is illegal, it is done quite openly. To combat this, Joyce Banda, President of Malawi, has initiated a Reforestation Program.

- Last year we received a shipment of some 24,000 shoes from the Malawi Project to be distributed in any way possible. In addition to the school incentive programs, we have targeted villages that are willing to maintain current forests, or to help "re-build" forests by planting new trees. As a result of their efforts, they become recipients of new shoes. This has been beneficial for several reasons; primarily that we are helping to take care of the land and giving people something they need at the same time, but it also provides the opportunity to partner with other Christian organizations here in Malawi, as well as the government.

- We continue to work with local churches in the meantime. We’re currently visiting three or four different congregations every weekend, divided up between our staff. Church Leadership continues to be a topic that needs highlighting so that’s what our focus in teaching will be over the next few months.

- At long last, after two months of searching, God has blessed us with a vehicle. Finding a good vehicle here is a challenge, as many of vehicles that we see are either used until they are worn out, or brand new. New vehicles sell at incredibly high prices due to taxes (110%), and when a vehicle here is 10 years old it would be equivalent to a 20 year old vehicle in the USA. This is due to the rough roads, poor servicing etc… Thus, we are very excited to have found this 2008 Toyota Hilux 4x4. It is in good condition and meets our needs perfectly. It can serve as an ambulance, a vehicle for distribution of goods, teachers, and study materials. And this one is suited for any kind of road Malawi has to offer.

- Upon arriving in Malawi, Becca and I adopted a practice which was already in place by the Namikango staff: that of praying together before and after every journey. In addition to this, whenever a new vehicle is purchased, the staff gathers around it and covers it in prayer. We did this with this Hilux Pickup. It was my first such ceremony and I will say there was a peace in knowing that we are placing everything, even a vehicle, into God's hands from the very beginning. We do not take our vehicles for granted here, as we are well aware of the dangers of the road (all the more so because of the recent accident with our two guys), and we are aware of the enemy's schemes to deter our work.

~ Blessings,
Ben, Becca, Braylon & Brooklyn