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We are Facing Water Problems

Aug 18, 2017

We are so grateful that after three years of terrible drought, Malawi has had a year with good rains. But, even with good rains, we are still facing water problems. The dry season is here now and the Mission water supply is not meeting all our needs.

We have four areas where water is essential; the Maternity Clinic; the Mission Staff and Offices; the Plants and Garden which we maintain; plus, we also provide water for any Villager around the Mission who needs it. The sharing of water with our neighbors has always been our policy.

We have two wells at the Mission and we have reviewed our options for how best to provide the additional water we need.

1) We could do a lot of continuous hauling water, (this would be hugely expensive) or

2) We could pipe water from one area to another, (Again expensive. Since we are so spread out, this may not even be an option.) or

3) We could wait for the city to install a local water system. (We are hoping for this in the near future, especially for all our neighbors, but it will still be many months away, and City water may not work very well for us. It will have chemicals which will harm a garden or plants, plus, a small tap extension will not likely provide enough water for our needs.) or

4) We could dig a new well with complete setup, tanks, piping and tower FOR A COST OF $6,200.Since we are beginning efforts to provide more self-supporting income, a new well system would be a big help, as the newly planted Coffee and Macadamia Trees grow and mature.

Ben Hayes

Please Note

A new water system is long overdue and when the Mission Board reviewed the budget for the year, the need for more water was included and we have given the go-ahead for Ben to order this new well system at $6,200. We are calling for special help in raising the funds for it.

One Brother and Sister who love the Mission Work have offered to pay for half the cost for this well if others might match their offer.

If you would like to make a special donation toward this new water system, just mark your check "water" and it will go toward this project.