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New Vehicle

Sep 26, 2017

Most of our work involves going out into villages, where roads are rough and off-road vehicles are needed. We have two heavy-duty vehicles to handle this, and they are used almost non-stop. Even so, there is a good deal of city driving that takes place – to the nearest bank in Zomba (20 min. away), and to the larger city of Blantyre (45 min. away).

There we handle business that we can’t do in Zomba. These trips are normal and often. We’ve had a smaller 4-door sedan type vehicle that has served this purpose in previous years, but its time is now up.Our off-road vehicles naturally aren’t great on gas mileage, and thus we need to replace the small vehicle now. We can get a good, small, 7-seater Toyota that will fill many needs and serve multiple purposes.

Having this vehicle will keep us from being stranded at the Mission when the other two vehicles are out on ministry trips. If anyone feels the desire to contribute to this need, it will make a large impact on day to day operation. Thank you for all that you do to continue supporting the work here!

Ben Hayes