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Sep 26, 2017

By Ben Hayes

After officially being a team for less than a year, the Namikango Football [aka soccer] Club (NFC) has just been crowned Champions of the Thondwe area. Led by team captain (and our Maintenance Assistant at Namikango), Joel Chimpeni, NFC finished a league tournament in which we won First Place. And just last week we won a tournament comprised of the top four league finishers. The final game came down to penalty shootouts, against a Zomba team that we had previously lost to, and tied once. So, one might say that the victory was sweet indeed. It was recently mentioned in a staff meeting that word has traveled fast about these boys from Thondwe, and it seems we are now solidly on the radar of the larger Zomba football community.

The start of this football team has been positive in several other ways in addition to having fun and winning. Staff members have mentioned several times how our relationships have been greatly strengthened with local Village Chiefs around Namikango, as well as community members who either parent the children or take interest in cheering at matches.

During the training sessions, a word of encouragement from Scripture is often given by Joel, to remind these men that football is not the most important thing. A recently shared testimony of one of the players made its way to us, and it was very encouraging. This particular guy had been known to be obnoxious, both to his parents and the village, and was known for excessive drinking. After being on the team for the last few months and listening to the messages, he’s made a change and given up drinking. His parents talked about the change they had seen in their son, and attributed it to his being part of this team.

It’s great to see God working in all areas of life and ministry. And this particular venture is a fun one to be a part of.