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"Houston, we have a problem . . ."

Sep 26, 2017

We were told to make preparation for the storm - Hurricane Harvey. We did. We prepared to go to Terry and Cathy's (oldest son and his wife) where they have a large generator and we would feel safe. It was calm Saturday night and we were planning to go to Terry's early Sunday morning after church, just before the storm was on us.

During the night, Saturday, my wife Anita called out, "Sidney, the fan is making noise." I looked on her side and the fan on the floor was splashing water. I looked on my side and saw my shoes floating by like a boat. I didn't know they were water-proof; they didn't even get wet inside. We got out of bed and waded around in ankle-deep water, then looked outside where the yard and street resembled a lake. We couldn't go anywhere or do anything, so we went back to bed where it was dry. That didn't last long.

We still had lights and cell phones and we called Terry and said, "Are you ready for some visitors?" He said "Sorry, Dad, but all roads in and out of our area are impassable because of high water. But,” Terry said, “Cathy was up through the night and has located a nearby hotel that has a room available and she reserved it for y’all.”

We tried to go to the hotel but high water blocked the way so we went back home. They located another hotel; it was in the opposite direction and further away, but, amazingly, we were able to find roads that were not under water. It was surprising that a room was even available and that we were able to drive there. Upon arriving, we found that one of our own church members, Kim Andrews, was the hotel manager. We felt welcome and so blessed.

The weather report said the storm would hit Sunday. I guess Harvey didn't listen to the weather reports, because he hit us hard Saturday night. Our little city had 42 inches of rain in one day's time. That is a record we would rather not have. In 51 years of living at this location and through many storms, we had never had water in our home . . . until now. Our office was also flooded, along with our daughter Robin's home.

After a few days of wading and waiting, the waters receded and the sun returned; we then began the long process of tearing out the water soaked floors and walls and things. Rebuilding is not even on the horizon.

On the second day of clean-up we were surprised with a real treat: about 10 people from New Beginnings Church came and helped by cleaning and carrying out debris all day long. And we had not even asked for help. They just came.

Every day since the storm we have seen some kind of special blessing

God is good! We are very blessed and making progress – slow but steady.

It is so awkward to be on the receiving end of things. It is so much easier to be offering a helping hand than to be receiving one. But we are thankful for all who have helped – with work, financially, and with your prayers.

We are blessed beyond words. Thank you.
Sidney Vaughn