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Discipleship Journey

Sep 26, 2017

We have made efforts for the Mission staff to have more personal time together. This year, all the staff along with the five summer interns, were introduced to the newly unveiled Staff Discipleship Journey Group. The Journey Group idea began in 2016, led by some of the Namikango staff and local village church leaders. There are now two Journey Groups underway. This is an ongoing program and, moving forward, will occupy one day a month for us all to come together.

On our first day, after enjoying tea and lunch, we teamed up in five groups of four or five members for Discovery Bible Study. We met in the Zomba Botanical Garden where we took time to reflect on Luke 15: 11–32. Our team was comprised of one sister and three brethren from the visiting interns.

We learned from this study that God our Father does not change and will always find us wherever we have strayed, whether within the “house” or out there in the “wilderness.”

We also benefitted by sharing with the other groups at the end of the meeting. The main focus is the transformation of hearts and minds of participants through the teaching of Scripture. We would like God’s truth to continually speak to us as individuals and as a group.

It is our hope that, by the end of the journey, team spirit and unity among members of the staff will be the result. We look forward to more of these meetings and anticipate that they will help us grow together and become more useful disciples who will make other disciples.

Symon Katete