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Let’s Make a Deal

Oct 20, 2017

For the third time since Becca and I moved to Malawi, we held a “Yard Sale” on Namikango’s front porch. This is a fun and somewhat intense day every time we do it, but it’s worth it. The staff has opportunity to benefit from some of the items that pile up at Namikango, both recent items or from the 60 years of missionaries’ collections.There tends to be several gems that show up and become hot items at these events (old desktop computers, floor carpets, CDs, movies, etc).

For the larger items, a silent auction is held and the highest bidder takes the prize at the end of the sale. This year the interns played a big role in making the event happen. It was a good event for laughing and joking and acquiring a few much needed items at a good price.

P.S. The money acquired from these sales goesto a charity account to meet needs that arise.