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Meet Zione Maharu

Oct 20, 2017

By Madison Wheeler (intern)

Zione Maharu joined the Namikango family in 2015 as a Christian Health Evangelism trainer (CHE), which, at the time, was a newly developing ministry at Namikango. Zione’s activities include going into surrounding communities to teach spiritual and physical lessons to help them escape cycles of poverty and live as followers of Jesus Christ.

She never tires of teaching the people of Malawi practical skills to improve their living situations while leading them to Jesus Christ.

Zione says that Namikango, and its Christ-centered environment, has been instrumental in developing and deepening her own faith over these past few years. She now understands so much more about the mission of God and what being a disciple of God truly means.

While in Malawi, I had the honor of spending a weekend with Zione and her family. The oldest of six, Zione steps into the role of caretaker with great joy and grace. I’ve never seen anyone love and care for their family as much as Zione does. Her servant heart has been beautiful to see. She is a true friend and I am so very thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know her.