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Praise and Thanksgiving to God

Aug 1, 2012

A Letter from B. Shelburne

Fellow Christians,

We praise God for the 50 years of the Namikango Mission work in Malawi and I ask you to share in celebrating with us in a special way.

On August 11th and 12th, people from all over Malawi, and some from abroad, will gather to remember what God has done and to pray for the future of this Mission outreach.

We remember the solid foundation of a four-year training program for church leaders that has now operated successfully for 50 years with ties to over 2,000 congregations in Malawi, and Mozambique. We remember that the Mission sponsors a 1000 student Primary School, a Maternity Clinic, and hunger relief. Plus, I am remembering the excellent Malawian staff we have with a reputation for emphasizing the spirit as well as the letter of the Gospel.

Namikango is known for achieving a lot on a limited budget. And, because Mission facilities cannot handle the numbers attending the celebration, they are renting accommodations at Chancellor College, in Zomba. This, plus the hospitality involved, will cost about $13,000 above our regular operating budget, and we are calling on you for a special contribution to make this celebration possible.

This might seem an unnecessary expense. But do we feel that way when a faithful couple reaches 50 years of marriage? Or when a congregation celebrates 50 or 100 years of ministry? We gladly spend the money. Israel often held special memorials to celebrate what God had done.

Supporting this Namikango Celebration is supporting praise and thanksgiving to God. Nothing is more important than that. We thank Him for the past and ask His help for the future.

Namikango is at an important point in its history. With Ben and Becca Hayes newly in place, and with the excellent staff now assembled, we pray for still greater opportunities.

I hope you or your congregation will join this celebration by making a generous and special gift toward it.

---B. Shelburne