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Bisani’s June Report

Jun 4, 2013

Southern Africa International Gospel lectureship:
Wilson, Lillian, and I recently attended the Southern Africa International Gospel Lectureship in Johannesburg, South Africa. This event attracted guests from South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Ghana, Nigeria and the USA. Three thousand delegates were in attendance. The next meeting will be hosted by Botswana in 2014. Many saints gathered to share their faith and to edify one another. This gathering has been instrumental in unifying the church in this part of Africa. It is awesome just to see how the love of God, through the cross of Calvary, transcends human barriers of colour, language, and culture to put people together. It was an awesome experience.

The 2013 Bible school session:
16 Village Study Centres are underway with five more starting in June. This delay is because of the changing weather patterns in these areas which has an impact on the growing season. These areas were not able to begin harvesting their corn as they normally do in April and this has delayed the start of our work. We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments where necessary. Interest in these studies is growing.

Across the border in Mozambique, school began at the same time as the schools in Malawi. There has been growing interest in these also studies. We are hopeful of having eight qualified teachers graduate this year in Mozambique and 12 in Malawi. Please pray for our study of God’s Word.

Book Printing:
Some six books are due for review this year. These are The book of Revelation; Church Worship; The book of Acts; Personal Evangelism; The Church of Christ, and Topical Index of the Bible

(by Doyle Gilliam). In the next two months Topical Index of the Bible, The Book of Revelation, and Church Worship will be a priority for printing. We need to start out with 2,000 copies of eachbook. This will cost $6,000 in total. Topical Index of the Bible is amongst the top three books in use. It is a very useful companion for all Bible students and a very well-liked book. The Book of Revelation and Church Worship are primarily for use by our students and teachers in the study curriculum. When study is over, students keep these books for future use.

We have over the years encouraged teachers to return all unused copies from the village Centres in the light of the high cost of printing these materials. The response has been good as teachers have cooperated very well. The increased number of Centres and students calls for increased number of copies to be kept in stock. We appreciate all the support in this area.

~ Thanks, Bisani Mphongolo