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A Visit North

Oct 20, 2017

By Eric Gephart

In September Chitani, Sam, Ben and I traveled to Central and Northern Malawi to meet with several congregations that have been asking for a visit from Namikango. We spent six days visiting with several groups of churches (from Mkanda, Kasungu, Nkotakota,and Mzimba), plus one Village Bible School (in Kasungu). We stayed in one village for two days and attended their Camp Meeting that was in progress. The trip went incredibly well, covering 1,225 miles in a week. (We only had one car issue the whole time!)

Spiritually, this trip was great. We met with several church leaders who had questions about Namikango and our ministries. We were able to build relationships with these brothers and sisters who were struggling, and were able to give encouragement to God's people in different parts of the country.

Our entire trip North went very well. We were continually blessed by good conversations, good food,and company. Our team left feeling like we could have enjoyed staying longer with the good brethren there.

As with most things in ministry, we went to bless and encourage our brothers and sisters in this area of Malawi, but instead, we were blessed and encouraged by them. They showed us great faith and hospitality.