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The Very Heart of Christ

Oct 20, 2017

By Madison Wheeler (intern)

The Bible Schools are in their final month of study for the 2017 year. It has been a good year. After working at Namikango for a few months, we asked Madison Wheeler, one of our interns this year, to write a summary of the Bible School ministry – its present and future. Here is what she had to say - Ben

The Namikango Bible School is a vital ministry of Namikango. The purpose of the Bible School is to train godly leaders who are filled with the spirit of Christ who can go out and teach others.

Namikango supports 28 different Village Bible School centers, which are held in Church of Christ churches, throughout Malawi, plus others in Mozambique. The Bible School is currently a four-year program that is divided into 26 separate courses. Six courses are offered each year, and each course takes one month to complete. These courses are designed to take the students through the Bible while focusing on important aspects of the Christian faith, such as Christian growth, grace, and leadership. Chitani Bakali, the Bible School Coordinator, says that all of the courses are designed to go beyond head knowledge to lead each student to the very heart of Christ.

The Bible School includes -

The schools use a lecture method to teach, with 11 assessment tests scattered throughout the course. These tests help keep track of the student's progress and learning. Each course is completed with a major exam to ensure the material has been mastered. The students consider it a privilege to come for study. It takes dedication, because the courses are very demanding.

One of the beauties of the Village Bible Schools is that the cost of having one in a village is shared by the village churches. In this, the people there have an investment in the school, an ownership – the school is important to the villages and the students. They are serious about studying the Bible.

Namikango is currently working on creating two separate programs for the Bible Schools. Their desire is to have a shorter, two-year program that is taught solely in Chichewa. It will be a "Certificate Level" program that will appeal to nearly everyone for basic Bible knowledge. Then there will be a longer, more in-depth, three-year program, to be taught in English.

All of this is being done with the intentions of one day developing the Bible School on Namikango’s campus into a Bible College whose focus is creating growing disciples who are well equipped to teach and share the good news of the Gospel.

During my time with Namikango, my team and I had the opportunity to go into some of the local villages to visit the Bible Schools there. Though we couldn’t understand the lessons that were being taught in Chichewa, it was still a rich encouragement for us just to know that we have brothers and sisters across the world who are taking the time to dig deeper into the Bible.

It’s such a blessing and is uplifting to see young, energetic people seek to understand the Word and live by it.

These students simply wanted to know more about Jesus. There was nothing fancy about the schools, they didn’t even have individual desks or blackboards, and the seats were blocks of cement, not very comfortable. But none of that mattered because they had the Word, they had study materials, and they had someone to help them grow in their understanding of it.

These students come before the feet of Jesus, as Mary did – hungry to know and be known of Him. Their humility in learning humbled me. May we all desire knowledge from God because it brings abundant life and because it shows us who we are and who we are to be.