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The Maternity Clinic

Jan 16, 2018


Many vital services are offered at the Namikango Maternity Clinic, including prenatal examinations, family planning services, checkups for children ages 0–5 years old, HIV testing and counseling, and the birthing clinic.

There are 100 babies born every month on average at the Maternity Clinic. The Clinic employs six full-time nurses. They invite nursing students who want to learn nursing skills first-hand to come to the clinic for several weeks at a time.

The Namikango Maternity Clinic was founded in 1974 and is located on the Mission property. It offers free services for women and children. Namikango owns the facility and provides food and housing for extended-stay mothers and has a good relationship with the Government who pays the nurses salaries.

One of the best things about the Maternity Clinic is that it shares the love of Jesus to women, men, and children while providing excellent medical services.

On Tuesday mornings the women come to the Clinic for their prenatal exam and are taught in a devotional before they are examined. The team of interns who were there for the Summer had the privilege of leading these devotions. It was so awesome to see women from all different backgrounds listen to the good news about Jesus.
Kacee Oldroyd, Namikango Intern

Medical Interns

Medical schools like to send medical interns to Namikango when they are nearing the end of their studies and need practical experience. The goal of this internship is to form medical practitioners who can connect their expertise with their vocation and make Malawi a healthier country.

In early November, the current group of interns came to the end of their time with us, and I was privileged to celebrate with them at their farewell party as we prepared to send them back to school. As always, there were speeches, gifts, and cokes. It was a fun afternoon, and always a joy to be a part of these celebrations.

Eric Gephart