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Where do we store it?

Jan 16, 2018

We have been considering how to find a place to store and process the upcoming coffee harvest. As you may know, we are wanting to set an example for fellow Christians by being self-supporting in farming and we have chosen to grow coffee and macadamia trees for this purpose. The processing equipment for grinding coffee is still a ways off, but we are looking at storage options now because this is an immediate need. Storage space this previous harvest season was very difficult. We just didn't have a good place for storage.

This caused us to be looking at what it would take to build a small storage facility for the next harvest. But after some research, we found that some people use a shipping container for storage of crops, and these can be much less expensive than building. They also are better at keeping rats and varmints out . . . plus, they would be more secure against theft.

The challenge we’ve found is that shipping containers are not that easy to find here, and when they are available, large commercial companies buy them quickly.

We were considering having one shipped from the US or getting one through The Malawi Project, one we could keep. I checked on getting one from the US and found a refurbished one in Houston for $2,500. Then, there would be about $2,000 import tax, plus the cost of transporting it also costing in the thousands of dollars. This would be costly and slow.

However, we’ve just recently come across a good opportunity to buy one through a connection we have here at a complete cost of just under $5,000 delivered to us.

So, the $5,000 seems to be a fairly reasonable price.Another concern we have is the timing.

We will need storage for the next harvest which should be April and May. So obtaining a local container now will meet our needs and we can be ready for harvest time.

We do need this container and we have committed to buy it; so, if some of our good supporters want to invest in a very beneficial project that will help our work, we would really appreciate it. Mark your check "Container" and it will get to us. Hopefully, if enough funds are received, we could even plan on more than one container for the future.

Thank you very much.

Ben Hayes