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Camp Meetings for Thousands

Jan 16, 2018

Camp meetings have finished for the year, coinciding with the Bible Schools. They start in June and conclude in October, when the rains begin.

Three weekends each month, a team from Namikango goes out to a village that has requested to host a meeting. We spend the weekend with them, teaching and fellowshipping. Ryan, Eric, and I rotated visits and were able to be present at almost every one of the 18 meetings. Ten or more churches were usually present at each meeting, so we were able to minister to thousands of people over these five months.

The theme for the year was “The Prodigal God: The God Who Pursues People,” focusing on the trilogy of Jesus’s stories in Luke 15. The acceptance of the material taught has been wonderful. We have received many responses from people saying that they have gained new understanding of what God is like, and how Jesus reveals Him to us. Plus, we had 69 new believers commit their lives to Christ in baptism through these weekend visits. This has been one of the better camp meeting seasons we’ve ever had.

Ben Hayes