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Joel Chimpeni – His laugh is contagious

Feb 2, 2018

Meet Joel Chimpeni. He has been working for Namikango Mission for two years as the Maintenance Foreman Assistant. He is known around campus as “the man that does it all” because he has such a wide range of talents. His tasks range anywhere from electrical work, plumbing, and carpentry to demolition plot supervisor. Joel says that his work at Namikango Mission helps people by demonstrating good character to those he comes in contact with each day. He believes that through his faith in Jesus he is able to better love the people of the community.

Joel has been married to his wife Lauryn for one year. They have one son, Joshua. Joel enjoys playing football (soccer) on the Namikango team along with being the Team Sports Manager. Like the majority of Malawians, Joel is sure to greet each person with a handshake and a big smile. He is very welcoming and has the most contagious laugh that makes it evident that he loves to be around people. Namikango is full of many great staff members and they are fortunate to have Joel as part of their team.

-Kacee Oldroyd, intern