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Family for the Holidays

Feb 2, 2018

By Ben Hayes

Though we don’t get a white Christmas in Malawi, we’ve come to enjoy another kind of weather that is associated with the Christmas season – downpours of rain and thunderstorms. And this last year, we were blessed to have family members from different states and countries come for a visit, even though they had to give up their white, cold Christmases.

First, Ty (Ryan's and my brother) came to visit from Uganda. This was his third year to spend Christmas with us here. He arrived before Christmas; we got to enjoy a short break together at an old British cottage located in the Thyolo Tea Fields.

A couple days after Christmas, Becca’s family arrived. Her parents - Gary and Jane Evans - have made several visits here, but this year they came with Becca’s brother Gary, Jr., his wife Melody, and their two girls Katy and Kenzy. We had been looking forward to this visit for several years as our kids have desperately wanted their cousins to visit and experience our home in Malawi. It was a wonderful time, with many of the different cultural and landscape experiences Malawi has to offer, as well as lots of really good family time.

A day or two after the Evans family’s arrival, Eric’s cousin Corey arrived. His visit was shorter (3-4 days), but no less enjoyable. We hadn’t met Corey before and learned later from Eric that while they grew up together, this was their first opportunity in many years to have a substantial amount of time together. They went around southern Malawi, visiting many of our favorite sites, as well as worshipping with a village congregation on Sunday morning.

So, even though we are thousands of miles away from some of our family, we were still blessed to be with those who were here during the Christmas holidays. This has been extra special since these visits don’t occur very often.

We hope all of you had a blessed Christmas time as well and a great start to the new year!