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Giving Glory to God

Feb 2, 2018

Planning for 2018

This year at Namikango will see many changes as all departments continue to use their talents and resources to minister to the people of Malawi. VSL and CHE have plans to continue ministering in new villages and new groups, while the Bible Department is preparing to move forward with plans to revise the Village Bible Schools and begin a new English Bible School here at the Mission.

Several building projects are underway at Namikango and the agricultural projects continue to transform the campus into a beautiful landscape that serves the community and gives glory to God.

It is going to be an exciting year and we want to make the most of our time.

Therefore, the last few weeks of December, and the first few weeks of January have seen departments engaged in planning meetings, creating strategies, goals, and timelines for how we can be the most effective this coming year. All these planning meetings will culminate in the Annual Review Meeting at the end of January, where all the staff will gather together to lay out how far we came in 2017, and where we plan to go in 2018.


Charity Work by VSL Group Members

The Village Savings & Loan group from Ntaja had their "Share-Out" meeting (the time at the end of the saving cycle when all the savings shares plus interest are distributed back to each member). They have 22 members, all are women. This group was formed by a Church member in the community which is made up mostly of Muslims and some are included in this group. This has proven to be a good thing. They enjoy Bible Study and Singing Hymns before the funds are distributed.

Members of this Group had saved MK298,600 ( $418.53 ).and shared out MK604,665 ( $847.52 ). It was a great achievement considering that this is their first cycle.

The group attributed the success to unity, discipline, and love, which is promoted through scriptural sharing and reading.

As part of celebrating this achievement, the group decided to reach out to 22 needy people in their area, by providing them with soap, food, kitenje (cloth wrapper) and money. The assorted items cost Mk50,000 ($70.08) which came from both the community fund and also from individual pockets.

The local Chief Juma was present during the Share-Out and was impressed. He thanked the group for helping his subjects with things they needed and confessed that it was a first time he had seen people have such a concern for others. He encouraged them to continue this peaceful and united activity.

Tinkhani Phiri, Mission VSL Officer

Well Reservoir Update

We had a water well drilled several months ago, and are now in the process of completing a reservoir for the water. This will be an added source of water for the Mission, and will be used specifically for crop irrigation. The timing is good, since we are in the middle of the rainy season which will be coming to an end next month. We expect everything to be up and running by then, allowing us to continue irrigation when the rains have ceased.

Ben Hayes