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Visiting with David Giles our Newest Mission Board Member

Feb 2, 2018

By Sidney Vaughn

David grew up in Ethiopia as a Missionary Kid.

He ministered 10 years in Ethiopia and since 1994 has served as Director at Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMF) where he oversees church planting work in Mexico, Brazil, Ukraine, England, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, plus, he serves in mentoring our CMF missionaries serving in Malawi.

It is a rich blessing to have a man, whose heart is so passionate for worldwide church planting, as a member of our Namikango Advisory Board.

David shared this recent photo which I thought we would all enjoy. This was from his recent trip to Kenya where he used to live . . .

David writes this; "I visited the village of a good friend who passed away recently. I sponsored one of his sons through school (the one to my left) and am now helping his brother through nursing school. They slaughtered us a goat and showered us with these gifts (Native Wraps).

From left to right:
Volunteer – helped slaughter the goat
William Kuya – strong church leader and administrator in the medical work. Years ago, my wife Linda delivered his wife's baby in the back seat of our car as we did not make it to the hospital in time. They named that child Linda, after my Linda.
Linda – my wife
Megan – my daughter, born in Kenya. Now an anesthesiologist and will lead medical trips to Kenya.
David – That's me with my red kitenge.
Francis – the one I helped sponsor through school. He now works as an HIV counselor in the clinics.
Wife of Francis
Widow – of my good friend who passed away."