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Break-in at the Hayes Home

Mar 13, 2018

Thieves came through a window at night and stole our computers, hard-drive backups, some files, my passport, and a few other electronic items. The next morning, we reported it to the police and within a few hours someone had brought in my passport (along with some of the files) which had been found along a muddy road, in a small village about 15 min. away. I took the police around that day and we went to that location, where they believe they have two suspects. One of them was recently released from prison. Up until now, there has been no further word, but they are trying to strategize how to find the thieves.

People were praying the night this happened, as I had asked for prayer for some other events at Namikango. So, we believe that God did answer prayer in that the thieves did not come into our bedroom or the kid’s bedroom, but just entered the living room and left. The kids still do not know that anything happened as of yet, so there has not been much trauma to deal with, for which we’re very thankful.


We think of the Malawian people as gentle, friendly, and eager to improve physically and spiritually. But in every nation there are scoundrels. It was scoundrels who, in the dead of night, broke into Ben and Becca's home in Zomba and stole their electronic equipment. We are glad that no one was hurt; things can be replaced. Their safety will continue to be in our prayers.