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Rains Come and Go

Mar 13, 2018

This year’s rains have been off-and-on in some areas. We are currently experiencing a second wave of the rains this season, and thankfully our crops which were planted in December held through the small dry spell.

We are growing Maize and Soy Beans again this year for use at the Mission, for feeding the leaders meetings and visitors. We are alternating planting locations from last year. Our crops are now being grown in the middle of our coffee field in order to make current use of that land while the coffee grows and matures to an age where it can be harvested - hopefully next year.

Unfortunately, not everyone has had the rains return in time. In recent weeks we have received calls from friends and Bible teachers that the crops have failed in their areas. The recent return of rains has been an answer to prayer, though for some whose fields were struggling, they may still lose up to half their crop. So we give thanks for the rains we’ve received as it helps us here at the Mission, but we also want to ask for prayers for others in Malawi who are struggling.

Our farming not only provides a way to feed our many visitors, the experience also helps us understand the local struggles of farming so we can better instruct others in our CHE program.