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Mar 13, 2018

I was sitting in my office having a meeting when staff members started flying by outside, headed towards the Maternity Clinic, fire extinguishers in hand. We received word that there was a fire and we saw smoke rising in the direction of the Maternity Clinic, which is 200 yards from our offices.

I hopped in the car, sped over there, and arrived to find staff members frantically pulling furniture out of the clinic, while others were entering with buckets of water. When the dust settled and the smoke stopped, we learned that the backup generator (which is located in a central courtyard) had caught fire, igniting a nearby can of fuel; the flames went on from there.

Thankfully, due to the quick reaction of the Namikango staff, the fire was extinguished. The local fire department from Zomba arrived in about 30 minutes and prevented the fire from spreading further. Electrical wires in the roof were burned, walls were blackened, and there was smoke damage, but not nearly as bad as it could have been.

The Maternity Clinic will be shut-down for a period of time while maintenance is done and everything is put back in proper order.

This closure will be felt by the community as many people depend on this clinic. We expect the down time shouldn’t be long. The cost of rebuilding will be $2,000 or more and we will need financial support to recover.