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Two Building Projects

Mar 13, 2018

For several months we have been discussing the need for improvements around the Mission and we are glad to say that we have now begun two of them. These two projects - a fence and the Bible School classroom block - will spear head other needed revisions on Namikango campus.

A Fence

With the important agricultural projects going on, plus some building projects, we felt it was necessary to finally begin work on a fence around some of the Namikango property. This will provide safety for our workers and community members as well as guard the machinery, crops, and materials used on campus. This won't solve all the safety concerns but this is a needed start.

The Classrooms

The first block will be comprised of classrooms which will include a room forthe new Bible School course to be taught in English here at the Mission. This represents a break-through for Namikango with the first course to be taught in English. Eric Gephart will be heading up the English Bible studies. We will also be able to have a classroom to train community members in the very effective Conservation Agriculture course and it will be easier to teach on campus here at Namikango.

We are very excited about each of these projects and especially so since we have found an excellent local building contractor. Thanks to our Mission Boardfor the "go ahead" and for all of you who have already given financially to help us begin construction...and for others who hopefully will join us in meetingthe financial needs for the construction costs ahead.

Thank you for allowing us to begin to make these projects a reality.

Ryan Hayes