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Ntonda Primary School

Mar 13, 2018

At the end of the year we visit Ntonda Primary School - the school we oversee; it is about 40 minutes away. We take this opportunity to encourage the teachers on a job well done and to celebrate with them.

This past year was a very successful year for Ntonda as they graduated 48 Eighth Graders on to secondary schools (High School). In the U.S. we are accustomed to having every student move on from Eighth Grade to High School, but in Malawi it is a huge achievement to qualify and to be selected to move on. The openings in good secondary schools are limited. Since we have approximately 1,730 students in the primary school, you can get a picture of how competitive it can be.

We were able to share a few gifts with the teachers in recognition for their work and congratulations on a good year; this added a lot of fun during our visit.

We also got to celebrate what the Bible Club has done this last year. There are after-school activities that students can participate in - sports clubs, drama, etc… We learned that the Bible Club operating at Ntonda is the only group that has actively and consistently met all year long. This is due to the work of Timothy Jailos, the Bible teacher we employ to work at Ntonda. He gathers the students weekly for singing, fun, and a Bible lesson. His work is so effective that students are anxious to attend. The club this last year averaged 172 students ages 8 to 16. Timothy also teaches a daily Bible

Course at the school during the week.

All in all, the teachers at Ntonda are working hard to educate the students and prepare them for the next level as well as to encourage them spiritually.