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Providing Jobs

Mar 20, 2018

Local villagers come to Namikango for the opportunity to be selected for day-labor for that week. We select about 60 men and women to do the work needed on campus for the week: cutting firewood, sweeping the grounds, working in the gardens etc. The Mission has always used local "Ganyu" workers, but it’s only in the last year that we began needing this many people.

The combination of using day-workers plus our regular staff is one of the ways that Namikango makes a favorable impact on the community around us.

We start with a Morning Devotion for the Mission staff and we invite the daily workers to attend our devotion. This gives them opportunity to hear testimonies, lessons, and hear the Word of God read every day. Several of these workers have become regular employees due to their good work and consistency over the years.

I often think of Jesus’ parable of the “Compassionate Employer” as we work with these good people. The estate owner in the parable was so concerned about those “standing around” that he couldn’t stay away. He kept coming back to the gathering place to select more and more workers. He didn’t just give those left at the end of the day a gift of money, but rather he employed them; he gave them the dignity of being able to say that they had worked and made enough to provide for their families.

For the workers we select, we don't pay much – but to them it is considerable. We pay about $1.50 per day. This provides something for people who would otherwise be without a source of income. For Namikango, this means we spend about $2,200 per month on labor. This is a fairly significant part of our budget.

We would love to have someone cover this cost as their own personal ministry – and this is a ministry, a good one. It has a direct impact on many individuals, on the community, and on Namikango as well.

If this is something you would like to help with, please let us know.

Ben Hayes