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Mar 20, 2018

Our family is still recuperating after the break-in at our house last month, but God has been good to us through it all. We have received several emails from you all, asking how we are and letting us know you are praying for us. You have also helped financially to replace some items we’ve lost. Thank you very much! We’ve been very blessed.

We realize we are not unique in having a home that has been broken into, and that things could have been much worse as the thieves didn’t enter our bed rooms, and the children still don’t know about the incident. Those who have had a similar experience though, know that it’s hard to sleep peacefully for quite some time, regardless of the changes and measures you put into place. Even so, we have welded some new bars onto our windows.

There are a few interesting cultural things that have been revealed through this incident. The first is that there is a “season of high theft” in Malawi, when crops are low or gone.

What is hard to understand is how knowing there is a “season” of crime doesn’t seem to result in being better prepared.

Also, the police stations are not overflowing with resources so the government can’t supply all the needs. Thus, if you want to ensure that a case moves forward, it’s best to be willing to offer to help. When I reported our theft to the police, I ended up driving the officers to several suspect locations, because the station's vehicle was out on another case.

When we arrived at the village where the police believed the thieves lived, three officers left my vehicle, entering the village in stealth mode, followed by their comrade with the rifle five minutes later. I was told not to get out of the vehicle. Unfortunately, while the police spread out, a suspect group of guys ran away. The police were unable to apprehend anyone, and as of today, they are still searching for the thieves.

We would still appreciate your prayers that some of the things we lost would be found, as there were some important items. But even more so, just for the grace to let the matter rest, regardless of what happens.

And one more thing – as many of you have prayed and blessed us by helping us to replace items, we have a Malawian neighbor who lost everything due to a robbery a few nights after ours. He is a friend and an SHBI student. We hope to extend some of the same generosity you’ve shown us to him as well. Please keep him in your prayers too. Thanks again for all that you have done.

Blessings, Ben Hayes