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Staff Personal Finance Refresher Course

Mar 20, 2018

It is helpful to get refreshed on a subject we may have learned many years ago. Financial training is like that for most of us.

Seeing a need for managing personal finances, Tinkhani Phiri (the Mission’s Sustainable Projects Coordinator) developed a one-day course for us. This course was made available to all of our staff. He discussed topics that relate to family finances as well as a seasonal budget. This is a budget that we use in our Village Savings and Loans training. It helps to visualize one’s expenditures and income over the year through the different farming seasons. We approach it this way since most people in Malawi are farmers.

It was a successful training session, with most people commenting that they have been refreshed in their understanding and others saying that they had never been trained in personal finance before. We pray that this training will allow us to handle our stewardship well.

Ryan Hayes