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Mozambique Teacher Refresher Course

Apr 24, 2018

Last week I traveled with Namikango’s Bible Department to Milange, Mozambique, to host the "Teacher Refresher Course" for the Village Bible Schools to be held in Mozambique this year. This three-day course brings all of the teachers from our Bible Schools together to review and refresh them on the content for the courses they will teach throughout the year. This year, we chose to review the courses using the theme of “Loving God by Loving Your Neighbor.”

We felt that this theme best unified the various courses being taught this year. Including - the Life of Christ - Old Testament and New Testament Surveys - Acts - and Christian Growth. Each member of the team took a particular class and reviewed the overall content with the thought that the way we love God is by loving our neighbors. The teachers said their major problem was that there was way too much information to cover on the topic of loving our neighbor!

In my lesson covering the life of Christ, we spent time in the Gospel of Luke and reflected on Christ's intense love for the people around him - both the righteous and the unrighteous. 1 John says we cannot hate our brother and claim to love God. It is clear how much Jesus loved God by seeing how He loved His neighbor.

Overall, the "Teacher Refresher Course" was a success. We made it through all the prepared material, and had several good meetings with church leaders as well. These meetings are crucial for Namikango’s ministry, as it keeps the lines of communication open between the two countries and allows us to work together. It was a great trip and we returned to Namikango exhausted but excited for the ways God is moving in the churches in Mozambique.

By Eric Gephart