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Jun 5, 2013

Symon is still having stomach trouble. We have sent him to the Hospital in Blantyre for better treatment. For the last two months, he has only taken a little porridge every day as his meal. When he would try heavier foods, it caused severe pain in his stomach, often followed by vomiting. They are planning a small operation to explore the problem further. We are hoping they will be able to identify the exact problem and come up with a solution to fix it.

Rodrick also has not recovered fully. His internal injuries are mending, but the surgery on his knee has been problematic. Two months after his surgery he was unable to bend his knee. We sent him to the CURE (orthopedic) Hospital in Blantyre. Through exercise therapy, he is now able to bend his knee near 60 degrees. After two more months, a small operation may be needed to remove the pins placed in his knee. Rodrick also was able to find a clinic in Blantyre that could do dental surgery to fix his three missing teeth. Please be in prayer for these godly men.

I’ll share with you what funds are needed by these men. An estimate of what we are looking at for both of them is: Rodrick’s knee- $1,000 and dental work- $150; Symon’s stomach surgery- $800.

Of course these expenses could change depending on additional surgery, medications, etc. I know we have asked for help in a lot of areas lately, but these men are very deserving of help.

~ Ben