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See You Soon

May 29, 2018

As we approach the summer, like many of you, there will be some long-distance travelling. Our missionary team will be going on furlough, with staggered departure/return times spread over the next 4½ months. Ryan’s family left on May 14th, followed by Eric several days later. They should be Stateside now. My family leaves Malawi on June 19th. Each of us will be away for 3 months.

We’re all looking forward to visiting family and friends and many who partner with us in the Mission work. We’re blessed that the work in Malawi is in the good hands of our staff while we are away. Though we’ve always had a good solid staff who handled things well during previous furloughs, we are larger now and have more ministries. We now have committees and leaders over each department to oversee things while we’re away. We have some very godly people on staff.

We’d appreciate your prayers for all our team’s travels; it can be wearing on the kids (and parents as a result). We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Blessings, Ben