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Improved ways of farming can provide a better future for Malawians

May 29, 2018

After droughts and floods devastated Malawi, we felt called to go out to the villages and farms and teach the people ways to improve their gardens and their farming. Though the rains have been sparse this year, the conservative method of farming we teach/demonstrate (namely zero tillage, composting, & soil coverage) has allowed for the maize and beans to grow strong and healthy. We proved its effectiveness through the example set here at Namikango.

We also plant a small portion of maize in the traditional style to show the contrast of the two different ways of farming. As with other years, it was very evident again this year. There are differences of several feet in height and differing sizes of stocks that dramatically shows the conservation method is superior if done correctly, AND, this can be done by any village farmer with similar results. We are continually convinced that this method provides a better future for Malawians especially when rainfall is scarce and dry spells longer.

Jesus taught lessons about everyday matters: “A farmer went out to plant some seeds . . . some seeds fell among thorns that grew up and choked out the tender plants. . ." And Jesus finished with a message that touched their souls. That is what we hope for, by teaching better ways of producing food, we gain trust of the people so when we tell them about Jesus, they willingly listen.

Many farmers have already begun implementing these methods while others are understandably fearful of change. Please pray for all Malawian farmers, especially for those whose harvests this year will not be sufficient to provide food for their families.

By Ryan Hayes